All transactions with Acropolis Wedding & Event Decor Hire are subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Hire:

  1. Our prices INCLUDE GST and are subject to change without notice.
  2. Prices per two days or weekend. Long term rates are available.
  3. A Bond may be requested.
  4. A 20% Deposit will confirm your order and full payment is required before the goods leave our showroom.
  5. In the event of cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable to compensate for loss of further potential booking and services rendered on your behalf.
  6. No allowance will be made for goods hired and not used, eg taken Friday and returned Monday not used.
  7. All goods damaged or missing will be charged for at replacement cost.
  8. The Hirer shall pay for goods delivered and collected.
  9. Insurance on goods while on hire is the Hirer's responsibility , eg, theft, fire damage etc.
  10. The Owner undertakes no liabilities whatever in respect of third party and similar risks or for personal injury, or for consequential damage of any kind.
  11. Unless agreed in writing to the contrary, the acceptance by the Hirer of any goods on hire from the Owner shall in itself constitute an acceptance of the above terms and conditions and of the charges stated on the accompanying invoice.
  12. Termination of the hiring by return of goods or otherwise shall not in any way prejudice the right of the Owner to enforce by action or otherwise all or any of the foregoing conditions against the hirer for breach thereof or of any of them prior to the termination of the hiring.
  13. Each of the foregoing conditions shall be without prejudice to each other.
  14. Hirer's Responsibilities
    1. The Hirer shall
      1. Take proper care of the equipment and return it in good order and condition.
      2. Indemnify the Owner against any damage to or loss of the equipment.
      3. Be responsible for any disappearance or theft of equipment, fire damage in transit, negligence and misuse.
      4. Not have any claim against the owner for loss or damage arising from the Hirer's use of the equipment.
      5. Indemnify the owner against any claim made by any person against the owner for damage or loss arising out of the Hirer's use of the equipment.
    2. If the Hirer is not an individual, the person who signs this invoice on behalf of the Hirer warrants that he or she has authority to bind the Hirer and will, in any event, be personally liable for all the Hirer's obligations.